Unofficial r/TheMotte Wiki

Note: The author stopped maintaining this website as of Sep 23, 2021. If you would like to maintain it, request for access here.

Navigating this site,

  • Topics is usually where you want to begin with.
  • Events is the place to look for transient events.


  • What’s “r/TheMotte”? A niche online community of people where rationality & sensibility is incentivized to trump groupthink.
  • How may I add/edit content or propose any changes? Quicker but not easier approach: on GitHub; Easier but with initial learning curve (if you don’t know git): editing notes locally using Obsidian and synchronizing using GitHub Desktop (you need a GitHub account for this, and push to your fork; or if you are a mod or an established member do ask for direct repository write access).
    • This site is published using the open source Emanote
    • This site is like a Wiki but based on Zettelkasten method.
  • Where may I discuss this? Please open an issue on GitHub.